Monday, September 1, 2014

Nude online Jennifer Lawrence Blows Her Top!

Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pics online/
Jennifer Lawrence Nude Online Scandal
A 4chan client cases to have discharged naked photographs of a few female big names in a significant hacking. 

The programmer said that he or she released photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and an assemblage of different stars. 

A rep for affirmed that the pictures, supposedly stolen from her icloud record, are genuine.

"This is an egregious infringement of protection," the representative told Huffpost. "The powers have been reached and will arraign any individual who posts the stolen photographs of Jennifer Lawrence."

The Los Angeles Police Department told Huffpost that they have "no information" of the hacking "at this point." The FBI said they couldn't affirm or prevent reports from securing the assault. Fruit did not give back an appeal for input.

The programmer cases to have more NSFW pics and additionally features. The client offered to discharge more media in return for cash.

Victoria Justice, who was additionally focused in the hack, tweeted that the photographs aren't genuine.

"These supposed nudes of me are FAKE individuals," she said. "Give me a chance to stop this from developing in any way at this moment. *pun intended*"

A rep for Ariana Grande told Buzzfeed that the photographs of her are "totally fake."

Thriller performer Mary Elizabeth Winstead lashed out at the programmer on Twitter.

"To those of you taking a gander at photographs I brought with my spouse years back in the protection of our home, trust you feel incredible about yourselves," she said. "Knowing those photographs were erased long back, I can just envision the unpleasant exertion that went into this. Feeling for everybody who got hacked."

Redesign: Kate Upton's lawyer told the Huffington Post in an announcement, "This is clearly an over the top infringement of our customer Kate Upton's protection. We mean to seek after anybody scattering or copying these unlawfully got pictures minus all potential limitations degree conceivable."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

11 Mind-Benders Your Mind Plays On You

Know your enemy.posted on Aug. 21, 2014, at 9:47 a.m.
BuzzFeed Staff

1. Repeated words eventually loose their meaning...if you say them enough !

repeating words loose meaning

2. Making it harder to find your own typos.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

3. Helping you remember things that didn’t actually happen.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

4. Making you believe horoscopes are specifically about you.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You
Universal Pictures

5. Getting songs stuck in your head.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You
Touchstone Pictures

6. Making you see, hear, smell, and taste things that aren’t there.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

7. Letting the colour of food and drink affect how it tastes.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

8. Making you feel real pain when you see other people get hurt.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

9. Overlooking information it thinks doesn’t matter to you.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

10. Looking for patterns where none exist.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You

11.Other people's ideas are claimed as yours.

11 Tricks Your Own Mind Plays On You
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