Friday, March 27, 2015

Searching for some Interesting Work? "Vikings" require 8,000 additional 'extras' for recording in Ireland

  • Searching for some additional work? "Vikings" require 8,000 additional 'extras' for recording in Ireland 

  • Ever fancied joining a viking armed force? Presently you can. Here's the manner by which to apply... Vikings Needed
    Needed: Vikings for Movie Extras

  • Picture: "Vikings" will start shooting its fourth season in Ireland in late April (Credit: History Channel/YouTube) 

  • Vikings, the immensely effective History Channel generation that is recorded in Ireland, has declared a throwing call to discover at least 8,000 additional items to take a shot at its approaching season, which will be taped here. 

  • The Canadian/Irish creation as of late started its third season and will start taping the fourth in Ireland in April. The makers have today declared they are searching for additional items to join in, and the choice procedure will be held in Dublin, at the Film Base in Temple Bar, and at the Grand Hotel, Abbey St, in Wicklow. 

  • We secured the application process a year ago, and you can take in some more about what life as an additional on Vikings is similar to HERE 

  • The work is easygoing and impermanent, yet with 8,000 spots to fill no doubt you'll have a decent risk of getting the call at some point in the middle of April and December, when taping wraps up. 

  • Those intrigued can go to the open throwing days, with the occasions page on theVikings Extras Facebook page offering the accompanying guidance to candidates turning up to assert some authority. 

  • They are essentially searching for grown-ups matured 16+ 

  • Individuals from all ethnic foundations are needed 

  • You needn't bother with an arrangement 

  • You just need go to one day of tryouts 

  • Every individual who goes to will round out an application and have a photograph taken 

  • The methodology will take about 20 minutes 

  • When you head along, have your estimations to hand. E.g. Tallness, midsection, dress, shoe size and so forth. (You'll require them for the application structure) 

  • No compelling reason to bring a CV or headshots, yet the group will acknowledge them on the off chance that you do have them with you 

  • There's an extensive rundown of particular aptitudes and appearances they're searching for, including: Fishermen, craftsmen, talented swords individuals, bowmen and ladies, boat hands, Latin speakers, tree specialists, and guys with long hair and whiskers (you can discover a full rundown of these - and there are bounty more - on the Vikings Extras Facebook page).
There will be 3 x Extras Open Casting days in 2015 – 2 days will be held in Dublin and 1 day will be held in Wicklow. Details are below
FILMBASE, Curved St, Temple Bar, D2
Tuesday 31st March 2015 between 9.30am -4.30pm
Wednesday 1st April 2015 between 9.30am – 5pm
The Grand Hotel, Abbey St, Wicklow Town
Tuesday 7th April between 10am – 6pm
Check out the Vikings Extras Facebook page for more information
And if you haven't seen Vikings, here's a taster

Youtube in ULTRA HD !

YouTube has posted a series of video available in Ultra HD and 60 fps.

Today, YouTu
be has gone into high gear! It would even be better to say that the video platform ofGoogle rose to the highest quality.
Indeed, after video footage simultaneously proposed to 4K video at 60fps then, YouTubecombines these two technologies we eyeful and propose a quality video ever seen on his service to date.

YouTube offers the Ultra HD at 60fps

If you are the proud owner of a 4K TV or PC screen for a definition of at least 3840 × 2160 pixels, you can experience the full 6 4K video at 60fps betting online discreetly by YouTube. Fortunately, Techcrunch fell on rummaging on the platform since they are in line since last October!
To check this definition 2160p60 videos on compatible, it is imperative to go through Google Chrome because other browsers are stuck on the 1080p. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have compatible hardware, you will also enjoy an internet connection in reinforced concrete because the weight of such quality videos is quite big.

Find playlist 4K 60fps YouTube

For your viewing pleasure, you can choose to view one of the six videos a demo of the game Star Citizen, a documentary about the making of paintballs and the impressive eruption of the Sinabung volcano is located in Indonesia. Here is the full playlist of videos 4K 60fps YouTube:
So YouTube continues to offer us the latest innovations in web video. There was a time, the platform put videos online 360 ​​degree tours that take advantage of the same scene from different angles. YouTube also invite all owners of 360 ° camera to put their videos online.
Photo Credits: Youtube

Cassetteboy - Emperor's New Clothes rap

It's funny that people blame UKIP for being racist and not wanting other ethnicities in England, when labour have pretty much the same view on immigration

+Bob Tahoma Mm so you're kicking him to the curb based on his high school report. Great. Don't forget to consider that Red Ed is the son of a communist and Scameron was an active member of a student union that called for the hanging of Mandela

I'm not sure that Labour have the same view on immigration.

In the words of Boris Johnson, Leftie tossers!

+ruthlessandevil  You should be concerned the de-industrialisation this country, which started under thatcher in the 1970's. Industry and jobs have gone to China/India at the expense of our own people. Pretty much nothing is made here anymore. All we have is a corrupt banking sector & that's done is to turn everyone into debt slaves living on the never never. The only thing of value anymore is the our homes and they are over inflated in price & in an artificial price bubble. The people who are left in work are faced with an increasing tax burden as direct consequence whilst compaines that still operate here and make astronomical profits offshore their tax liabilities aided by the state. Sadly the same state is now turning it's back on the former tax payers/ losers with an inevitable bloodbath down the road as the consequences bite . Soooo.. Immigrants raping our white girls you say? There's a always going to be a vast majority of vunerable white girls out there available to these sick fucks due to our collapsing society and the nature of our culture & racial demographics with whites being the dominant one. Sadly some second and third generation former colonials (with similar mysoganistic attitudes to women) as our own eliteist white right have exploited this to their own ends, as has been demonstrated by some of our priviledged elite in westminster and the higher echelons of power. As far scargill goes. I don't vote Labour, so can't comment for him. So that's ammo you can use on an actual labour voter methinks ;)  Cockend.

+ruthlessandevil If you're going to play the stupid exaggeration game then lets play: Lets vote Tory and watch them turn Britain back to the Lord and manor model where a few people own all the land and we're forced to work for them for no pay but for the privilege of living in their area.  Then when we get sick or tired we're told to leave as we're no longer useful and can't be milked anymore.  And when you get married the lord is allowed to spend the first night with your new wife.

All of the UK's parties are absolute pants. I don't like the idea that despite all these parties, our country will still be run by idiots. Probably the least worst party to vote for is labour, since UKIP, the Touries and the Lib Dems just cannot be trusted.

+purpledragonnuke I'm kinda suprised no one has mentioned this but nearly all businesses in Britain are European owned, so if we leave Europe if UKIP come to power nearly everyone will lose their job leading to mass poverty and guess who would help us... No one. People only support UKIP for similar reasons as the Germans supporting the Nazis in the 20s-30s, financial disaster and people want to point the finger at the easy targets. UKIP say what people want to hear but most people don't understand the consiquences, again much like the Nazis.

Well said
UKIP is not racist.